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4 ways to find a person in the Internet

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There are many websites that can help you find people online. Many of them will give you some basic information for free and then promise to pay for more detailed information. The key is to know what information you'll get and who you're dealing with before you agree to pay.

Find a person's phone number or address

Search for "white pages" and when you find a site you like, remember to mark it. Many websites have search people or white pages. Typically, you'll find this is an online version of the white pages owned by a phone company.

Enter the province where the person you guessed lives in, as well as his first and last name. The rarer the name, the more precise you need to be, because if it's a common name, you'll get multiple results.

Remember you shouldn't pay to find someone's phone number. You can get the same result if you look in the phone book.

Any phone numbers not listed in the phonebook will not appear in these searches.

Find people through social networks

Browse some social networking sites for finding people and enter as much information as possible.

You may have to join a site to have access to more information. Try to find some sites where you can sign up as a member for free.

You can also take advantage of websites that look for information behind emails, usernames or phone numbers, and use it with the name search feature.

Try a normal search engine

Choose a search engine you like. Type someone's name in the search bar. If you know his city or province, you can add it too.

If the person you're looking for is named on his company's website, if they blog or post online, or if their name is in the news, you're likely to find this person.

If his/her name is unique, it will be easier to search. It's also easier if you have the other person's full name. If you're looking for a married woman, try using both her pre-marriage and post-marriage names.

Use paid services for more information

Browse the website for finding people and enter the information you know.

Read the search results. Some results will give you information or lead you to a site that lets you get more free information.

Before you consider paying, check out the relevant information from free sources.

Read the fine print and think about whether the information is worth your money. See if there is a guarantee in it; you need to know if the money is recoverable if the information is about another person with the same name and not what you asked for.


Many people use the same database to find websites. You will find the same or similar results on the same site. However, there are a few more sites you should try before you pay. Make sure that the website you use is safe to enter payment information, preferably a domestic website, and has the best and most up-to-date information resources. It takes a while for companies to update their online phone and address records, and if you search for someone who has recently moved, you may get mismatched results on different websites